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we could drive it home

w i t h o n e h e a d l i g h t

1000 no Kobota                        what is a war,
                          but a scratch on your surface?
               what is a weapon,
           but your unbridled guilt and grief?
                             she loved you all along,
                 waiting for your faded return,
   while you rained destructive tears
                             across her homeland.
           she never wanted you to be alone,
                        hugging the shadows to your heart -
         she g
I am a gallery.I am a gallery, long floored and wide brimmed
      no footsteps from tourists have padded these halls,
       signs suggesting an escape from my reality are nonexistent.
these white-washed walls stand at attention
for my eyes only; examining the lives I lived
many moons before.
                   The doors are barred, blockading the outside world:
these halls will only host echoes and silent smiles,
where my artwork patiently ages …
I must peruse this museum of life alone.
ash, fir, and pine,
framed in symmetrical rows,
     molded and carved between my own hands
until I thought them fine for such golden moments.
               beneath each story, a silver plaque lays its head,
with names etched into them like quill on parchment.
                        these were the souls and brig
The Gordian Knot                I had to reread other scholarly texts
                           to remember that you are the Gordian knot
                       tied to my ox-cart, left by the king himself.
                  What had I gained from you except the urgency
            to break down yes and no questions,
                          when time was always on my side?
       What did I gather that was not mine already,
                         you who knew nothing and everything all at once?
             I followed you like water down a waxed leg,
the messenger in trainingAn arid evening of dust and freckles of sand lay languidly between her and the window. The ocean could be seen from her window, the balcony's sheer curtains sliding between themselves in a wistful dance. The hardwood floor was reminiscent of driftwood, a lovely soft piece of Mother Nature to hold her high above the sand hills that waited at the foot of her stairs. The walls were whitewashed, paintings of the ocean and poppy fields from long nights watching the moon rise on the horizon covering the walls. Her easel lay in the corner by the closet, spots of multi-colored inspiration covering it from tip to toe. Brushes were soaking in a tequila bottle filled with water, waiting to be spun into magic again. The bed sheets lay crumpled behind her, a luscious cerulean blue with the constellations of the Northern hemisphere stitched across it. The pillows lay fluffed up, the shape of her dreams still molded into it, even after she had long been awake. A bare threaded rug slid under her feet she was Venus onceShe was Venus once,
  encased in love and light
         caught between a kiss and a shudder;
               she turned to the shadows,
                      called Persephone her sister
      and chilled her passions
 when she found that
                  love kills just the same
                          as a spear on the battlefield
Do not fall in love with a writer.Do not fall in love with a writer.
   They can paint with colors that you have never heard of before, and create new worlds with one strong emotion. They have a heart that outstrips any fuel source, and is full of butterflies and frustration. They come alive in the early hours of morning, when the only noise they can perceive is the one coming from your sleeping form; they sleep when the sunlight isn't quite in the shape they need to work their magic. They can conjure up the most simplest of cliches, and leave you in a burning wake of words, singeing your arms and eyes with embers of passion and misnomers. They have moments of weakness, and brief seconds of strength, and the only thing they will keep to themselves is how many times they said, "You can do better than that". They've fallen in love with the impossible, and wept over the improbable. Their wishes comprise of fanatical love tales, and the harmonizing of fates that were almost lost to the dusty shelves of old book s
her name is marigoldhair like dwarven gold,
    spilling recklessly along her white shoulders
          she has skin like fresh cream
      and as soft as a kitten's paws
her eyes of sapphire shimmer
    in the heat of the day
piercing you through your soul
   and clasping your heart to her bosom
           her rhythm beats a vibrating tattoo
  in your arms;
                 the wolves that raised her
       are tame compared to the wilderness
                    that pursues her steps --
           she can melt into the shadows
                   and engage herself with the rock cliffs of yore
      better than any creature
            the maiden of marigold,
red ribbon overseasloving you is like breaking storms,
following the ghosts of us,
sea to raging sea;
the ringing in my heart left behind
when you were carried off to war
that fateful day.
we ran like the ocean,
red ribbon wrapped around our wrists
we flew together, larger than life
nothing would stop us,
all fell before us,
and then it all crumbled behind us.
the stars shine bright above
and now I wait patiently;
waiting for your loving arms
to return from overseas
to come back to me,
wrapped in our red ribbon
forever, meant to be.
verbal wanderlustEach new letter is a story on its own
         a page untouched, left virgin for new eyes
  several volumes of treasure
                practically throwing itself from the paper
                                    to your soul
    the words bring you oceans and pirates
             fantasies and myths
                  Olympus isn't so far, the gods real;
          the witches of Salem take your hand
                as they cast the spells of yore;
kings and queens walk by your side
         looking for council and confiders;
                  all the while, rolling plains
we'll run, and love forevershe needs a whirlwind love
timeless, and ageing
     where no is not possible
       and new life is always on the edge
of the universe;
      where the first words he said to her
           were --- r   u   n   !
                      she   n e e d s   him
  caught in between parallel worlds
        where the real is sometimes false
          and she always feels alive when
there is danger -
    she needs that life
         that  l  o  v  e  so eradicating
 like the blood that crosses her heart
       her hand in his when
               the sun is burning up
and all she can say is,



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"Now ... bring me that horizon."
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| ENFP-T | Engaged♡ | Canadian |

Hi there, I'm Seren!

I have been a writer for quite a long time, but have only started to push myself to make improvements for the past couple of years. I also enjoy practicing my drawing and painting skills as well, as I'd like to be able to write and publish my own story one day.
I am a proud West Coast Canadian who enjoys surfing for endless amounts of music and books online, talking and watching streams with friends, curling up on my couch and playing video games for hours with my fiance, and laughing my ass off. I don't take shit from anyone, I swear a lot and try not to around most people, and nothing makes me happier than to make someone else happy.
I am the creator of The Attainable Wishlist Project, which aims to assist those that may not have access to the things that they really, really want, but are not necessarily needed. I am also a Contributor for dA-Literature, a excellent group for both writers and readers alike. I would recommend this group to anyone who wants hours upon hours of reading material, as well as anyone who wants to have their work seen by more eyes.
I love Doctor Who (10/Rose is m favorite, but I love others as well), BBC's Sherlock Holmes, Gotham, and Final Fantasy, among other things. I have a huge celebrity crush on RDJ and David Tennant. I prefer action/adventure/mystery movies, and try to steer clear of rom-coms.

"For those who eat truth and ignore ignorance."
from Miistical





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