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Hello, my name is Ashley

Canadian, writer, optimisit
I have a bit of an affinity for the cosmos. And a huge thing for Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes (BBC), and Marvel/Avengers/Iron Man/RDJ

"One may tolerate a world of demons for the sake of an angel."

"I am and always will be the optimist. The hoper of far-flung hopes and dreamer of improbable dreams."

Please feel free to say hello, I like a good chat (:

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Stamps are cool.

DW Ten Smirk Stamp by TwilightProwler Stamp :: I (Heart Heart) Doctor Who by homestucktroll123 Doctor x Rose Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
Am I... by fricken-pimp DW Tenth Doctor What Stamp by TwilightProwler River and Doctor by fricken-pimp
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Books Stamp by Kezzi-Rose No Ordinary People by delusional-dreams I love sunsets by Shantella


My work.

I am first, and foremost, a writer:

her orchard, my fenceShe brings joy, creativity, and life
      Into the world
 Surrounded by her apples,
         Supported by her tree.
She is
Where she needs to be.
          And I am painfully
Indian summer.Dandelion seeds scatter on the breeze
       a helix of nature's life'
Loose golden strands that you watch dance
                         in the wind
         Making you want to tie promises to every single one
that paints the indian summer sky

boys measure time by the length of a woman's hairBoys measure time by the length of a woman's hair:
Airy strands that fall easy over her collarbone
       Are long summer nights
Spent bathing in the humid air
  Watching her swim through, kissing his cheek
Short pieces tucked behind her ear
   Are those winter evenings spent snuggled under the blankets
        Whispering for warmth
     When the fire had long died out with the day
Long wisps that caress the skin between her shoulder blades;
 Indicative of a blooming spring time
      When her dress would cling to her creamy skin
  Like an orchid ready to seek the sunlight.
Tidal waves of luscious gold, spread over the pillow
     Storytellers of their autumn passion
  Her eyes twinkling like the stars of home
         Frail and firm under his hand.
Child of Stars             I am a child of stars
         A doppelganger of the cosmos -
            I long to see my sisters and brothers
Spread across the light years
     Like spilled milk.
          I come not from pure light,
                      But from darkness, silence
     Pure black, and right before it bursts -
          I am alive right when I need to be
  Even if it does not feel like it.
                To be a relative of the Rock of Cashel,
      Cousins of the Alps
           Distant sisters of the Pacific Ocean
                 My brother the Amazon;
I am one with this universe,
     And I am not gone when I am

My Doctor.You are bone melting –
       Cell reviving, courage inspiring.
   You are time;                endless
         Adventure,      continuous
              Trouble ensnared,
Mischief?       Managed.
   You are the weathered traveler –
S c o r c h i n g worn
     Icy knowledge,
                         Wars delivered.
 You are perfunctory happiness –
          Inverted sadness.
    You are light in our dark,
                          Love in spite;
        Carry hope over death.
              Planet shattering eyes
          Star snaring
Bad Wolf BayLike fire and ice. I feel every heartbeat that pulses through that galaxy in your veins, the super novas and red dwarfs and asteroid fields and diamond planets that crisscross the expanse of stars that have formed your person. Ground shattering revelations make me quake in delight, lighting up the night sky in my eyes. The shade of blue that flashes through my memory, and all those times you didn't say what I wanted you to say but I told myself that you said it through your body, every time you took my hand.
And there we stood, a lifetime stretching between us, but a brush of fingertips away on a lonesome splash of crumbled sand, the waves rolling in like a sigh from the beginning of time. I felt my heart aching and burning up like the sun, my whole being longing to fly to you, but you were just energy - a moment in between two worlds that let me tell you I love you. I never wanted you to be alone. I wanted to live out my short life beside your everlasting self, consumed by nothing but

But, I enjoy traditional drawing as well:

Aisling: Reborn. by Serendiipitii Aretmis, Goddess of the Hunt. by Serendiipitii


Kindness and support.

autumn feels like africa     autumn feels like Africa
                       majestic, proud
        the changing of time
           yet staying still
  with tradition
                  it brings feelings of closeness
     preparing for the best
               it showers the sky with its midas' touch
                    and flounces the lilac in its eyes
          and all the while flirting with the wind
                    warm enough but just enough
      for you to wear your favorite sweater
                   and still see her golden hair go strawberry
         with th

Your wonderful literary work has been chosen to be featured by DLR (Daily Literature Recognition) and has been selected as our “Pick of the Day”. It is featured in a news article here and on our main page. Keep writing and keep creating.

naught but to dreamStars cluster at my window,
          Dancing mad;
They watch me lay back
          Eyes closed
Trying to sleep off the pain -
          Breathless, fruitless
I want naught but to dream
   Of your eyes once more.
      Morphine to my mind
             Crystallized over hours
     Watching wind swept clouds.
                Weary, windswept -
  Just let me lay back;
          I want naught but to dream
Of your eyes once more.

I revelled in that opening image of cosmic observers bearing witness to heartbreak. Such wonderful imagery really set this off for me in my mind with a clear visual and understanding. I interpreted this as a person who was rejected by someone they love or admire and in their anguish they simply want to sleep and think only of that person. Regardless of my perspective, this was a thoroughly enjoyable read. :clap:

Raspberry sunsetRaspberry sunset, pray tell me
Where you keep your ruby jewels
That paint my skies the way you do;
My love is fixated on your methods
The way you dash the stars
Just right in the night air
Raspberry sunset, pray tell me
How you soothe the summer time
When the scorched earth is barely alive
And its inhabitants are parched
Working for water, only to feel it
Seep right through their skin once more
Raspberry sunset, pray tell me
What your sorcery fires up
When it brings the evening sun
Coursing through the skyline
Pulsing and wanting, like nothing else
Raspberry sunset, pray tell me
Where I will find my love once more;
Under the peach trees of harvest
Rolling through the rivers, cold
Laughing through the apple's orchards
Strolling between the vineyards?
Raspberry sun, pray tell me
Will you be my everlasting light?

The whole time I was reading this I imagined this being in my AP Lit or Lang textbook and my teacher telling us to read it and to break it down, that's how legendary I feel this is. I truly did love this and I believe that was a brilliant piece of writing. Great great job on this, it was truly beautiful.



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