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Hello, my name is Ashley

Canadian, writer, optimisit
I have a bit of an affinity for the cosmos. And a huge thing for Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes (BBC), and Marvel/Avengers/Iron Man/RDJ

"One may tolerate a world of demons for the sake of an angel."

"I am and always will be the optimist. The hoper of far-flung hopes and dreamer of improbable dreams."

Please feel free to say hello!

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My work.

I am first, and foremost, a writer:

phases of the moonwe are like the phases of the moon;
     I could feel your breathing labored,
          your body quivering while I leaned over you
              a kiss so tender, eyes closed with exhaustion
     I heard you inhale when my lips trailed your cheek,
                          a hand caressing your jaw -
     we were the half moon that night,
      time was irrelevant to us, that slippery fiend
             lights dancing in our closed eyes,
         mouths tasting each other
 like a rare delicacy, exotic fruit on our tongues -
    slow, deliberately, exquisitely ..
                       And then we are the full moon,
verbal wanderlustEach new letter is a story on its own
         a page untouched, left virgin for new eyes
  several volumes of treasure
                practically throwing itself from the paper
                                    to your soul
    the words bring you oceans and pirates
             fantasies and myths
                  Olympus isn't so far, the gods real;
          the witches of Salem take your hand
                as they cast the spells of yore;
kings and queens walk by your side
         looking for council and confiders;
                  all the while, rolling plains

women measure time by the tilt of a boy's shoulderWomen measure time by the tilt of a boy's shoulders:
Slanted back, muscles taut under freckled skin
   Are the lingering summer days
 Hot sand between toes, sunlight in his eyes
     Salted air creating paper crowns
 Over bronzed fingers brushing rogue hair from her cheeks
          Broad and strong, inherited from Nemestrinus
 Reminiscent of autumn and its old red oaks
     That stood sentry as bonfires were lit,
And those shoulders held tightly while the wine flowed around them
             Rippling and glowing, wrapped around her waist
  Fresh like new growth in the spring after a drenching downpour              
       More alive than the waves of the Nile
  He encompasses her with life, watching her outshine the sun
           Smooth and relaxed, like the stones in a zen mas
world's graveHell's Queen is awakening,
                 stirring the red mountains alive;
       man's great curiosity
has put their own in danger
 and once more,
        we must be the heroes
               that we never thought we could be
for the World's Grave is opening
       and there will, surely
                   be hell to pay

she was Venus onceShe was Venus once,
  encased in love and light
         caught between a kiss and a shudder;
               she turned to the shadows,
                      called Persephone her sister
      and chilled her passions
 when she found that
                  love kills just the same
                          as a spear on the battlefield
we'll run, and love forevershe needs a whirlwind love
timeless, and ageing
     where no is not possible
       and new life is always on the edge
of the universe;
      where the first words he said to her
           was --- r   u   n   !
                      she   n e e d s   him
  caught in between parallel worlds
        where the real is sometimes false
          and she always feels alive when
there is danger -
    she needs that life
         that  l  o  v  e  so eradicating
 like the blood that crosses her heart
       her hand in his when
               the sun is burning up
and all she can say is,

But, I enjoy traditional drawing as well:

Bat Girl: Pin-Up by Serendiipitii Amazonian - Dragon's Crown by Serendiipitii



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Kindness and support.

the destiny of fate and timesoul to soul;
      red ribbon of fate
            why couldn't you have thrown her
  in the irish wind
           back then
     instead of so late --
heart to heart;
        silver string of time
              why wouldn't you bring them together
    when they called out
             looking for their soulmates
        and the one they could call 'mine' --
eye to eye;
        golden weave of destiny
                   why would you wait so long
              to have them now
       be loved by the other when
                they have known, for so long, with such clarity -

My very first Daily Deviation :heart:
An enormous thank you to somethingzenzen for the suggestion, and to IrrevocableFate for the feature. It's such an honor, and a dream come true, quite frankly.

naught but to dreamStars cluster at my window,
          Dancing mad;
They watch me lay back
          Eyes closed
Trying to sleep off the pain -
          Breathless, fruitless
I want naught but to dream
   Of your eyes once more.
      Morphine to my mind
             Crystallized over hours
     Watching wind swept clouds.
                Weary, windswept -
  Just let me lay back;
          I want naught but to dream
Of your eyes once more.

I revelled in that opening image of cosmic observers bearing witness to heartbreak. Such wonderful imagery really set this off for me in my mind with a clear visual and understanding. I interpreted this as a person who was rejected by someone they love or admire and in their anguish they simply want to sleep and think only of that person. Regardless of my perspective, this was a thoroughly enjoyable read. :clap:

Raspberry sunsetRaspberry sunset, pray tell me
Where you keep your ruby jewels
That paint my skies the way you do;
My love is fixated on your methods
The way you dash the stars
Just right in the night air
Raspberry sunset, pray tell me
How you soothe the summer time
When the scorched earth is barely alive
And its inhabitants are parched
Working for water, only to feel it
Seep right through their skin once more
Raspberry sunset, pray tell me
What your sorcery fires up
When it brings the evening sun
Coursing through the skyline
Pulsing and wanting, like nothing else
Raspberry sunset, pray tell me
Where I will find my love once more;
Under the peach trees of harvest
Rolling through the rivers, cold
Laughing through the apple's orchards
Strolling between the vineyards?
Raspberry sun, pray tell me
Will you be my everlasting light?

The whole time I was reading this I imagined this being in my AP Lit or Lang textbook and my teacher telling us to read it and to break it down, that's how legendary I feel this is. I truly did love this and I believe that was a brilliant piece of writing. Great great job on this, it was truly beautiful.



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