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About Literature / Hobbyist Official Beta Tester Ashley Gallaher22/Female/Canada Recent Activity
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Demesne ...

Welcome ~ ღ

Hello, my name is Ashley, but you can call me Seren, as well.
I've been a writer for quite a long time, but have only started putting effort into developing this in the past few years. I'm also practicing my drawing skills as well, but will not post anything unless I deem it "good enough" to put in my gallery.
I enjoy watching Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes (BBC), and Avatar: The Last Airbender. I have an enormous celebrity crush on Robert Downey Jr and David Tennant (yes yes, laugh if you must), I prefer adventure and mystery movies over rom-coms any day of the week.

"For those who eat truth and ignore ignorance."
from Miistical


Task list ~ ♫

Working on Fareplay's chapter two

Offline by YuikoHeartless
Filling photo album & organizing by event/year
Organize downstairs office so it makes sense

Online by YuikoHeartless
Improve on Draenymph drawings
Practice poses, study more photographs
Build on Seren & Demesne
Write more poetry
Clean up freebies owed on Gaia
Go through more literature, leave comments/critique
Suggest more DDs
Hold monthly features for literature

... Seren

My work ~ ღ

dirt path through the grass   dust lines your lips,
         peering down the sides into
         the bottom of your glass
                    now steady on your sixth,
   sitting all alone, once more
                     thinking about the what-ifs;
        the dusty roads know no bounds
         and your fences are low to the ground
               don't tell me you can't decide
                       you're as constant as the tides
      even if your bed sheets lay there,
           completely disregarded, unused
                 you've got the makings of greatness,
  don't let it all be wasted -
consolation in biologythe consolation in biology;
        you are more alive than you were before,
               and as gone as you will be after.
apartment windowsparking lots lit with cigar orange lamps
shrubbery imitating the ocean's waves;
        I can watch the world burn away
               from my apartment window,
                    dusty on the inside,
                  grimy on the outside -
it reminds me that we all need a certain kind of home
where the wind howls through the door jam
   and the garage creaks when we open it
          and even the lightest footstep
                   echoes in the halls -
we need a certain kind of place to call home
so we can realize that there are certain people
                   to call home as well.
we'll run, and love forevershe needs a whirlwind love
timeless, and ageing
     where no is not possible
       and new life is always on the edge
of the universe;
      where the first words he said to her
           were --- r   u   n   !
                      she   n e e d s   him
  caught in between parallel worlds
        where the real is sometimes false
          and she always feels alive when
there is danger -
    she needs that life
         that  l  o  v  e  so eradicating
 like the blood that crosses her heart
       her hand in his when
               the sun is burning up
and all she can say is,


Friends and mentors ~ ♔

:iconkoyame: :iconnyanfood: :iconlolisoup: :iconmaygusta: :iconherbodyismycoffin: :iconreconditedevices: :iconmilk-and-pie:
:iconcattservant: :iconchromeantennae: :iconpistachioinfernal: :iconseptemberskies2298: :iconshep4life: :iconyamio: :iconsae-midori:
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Hello there, Ashley.  Hope you're well.  Thank you kindly for the fave. :)
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btw..sorry for spaming your wall...but I wanted to say thanks! :)
Serendiipitii Featured By Owner 20 hours ago  Hobbyist Writer
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I love browsing through your gallery :meow:

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thank you for the support!!
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